Monday, June 01, 2009

The Last Thing

May 30 issue of Iranian daily, Hamshahri, page 2, "The Statement of the British Foreign Secretary about Iran Election":

"The British Foreign Secretary, pointing to former British activities in Iran, talks in a way implying that the option of London interfering with Iran election is on the table."

This is ridiculous. So what has David Miliband said, really? You can find it here on Times Online by yourself, but I quote the relevant part.

"... given the British history in Iran, the last thing I am going to do is start interfering in their election campaign."

And the stupid members of Hamshahri's Political Group, think that implies an intention to interfere, because although it's the last thing, he still may want to do it! Now, this could be an intentional mistranslation of the phrase "the last thing I want to do" or it could be unintentional. Personally, I think the latter is the case, but still someone in the Political Group should know enough English to comment on a British official's statements, or (s)he should just shut up and talk only about domestic issues (if they know enough Persian, of course).

Moderate newspapers are generally supposed to be a better way to get Information in Iran in comparison to the widely viewed channels of the state run TV, and although Hamshahri is a more or less a conservative newspaper, still it is preferable to many other alternatives. I cannot help thinking about the poor people who rely on such reports for their perspective of the world outside Iran. Given that the image Iranians hold of the West is very much distorted by state run TV, we do not need more distortions by a popular newspaper like Hamshahri.

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