Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Call your parents every two hours!

I went to university today, only to find that the exams have been postponed. Our university is actually one of the last to do so despite the announcement by the Ministry of Science that no exams are to be postponed.

I met one of my professors though, and after a few moments of talking he suddenly asked me if I live alone or with my parents. When I told him that I live alone and my parents live in another city he said, "You know your parents are very proud of you -you're not a father so you may not understand now- and they care so much about you. You should call them every two hours and reassure them that you're safe."

That's what he said. The situation is grave!


Jeremiah said...

That sounds like good advice. Take care of yourself.

Homayoon said...

Hey, Jeremiah! Long time, no see! And thanks.