Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back to Revolution

I hear cries of crowds from some distance. At first, I thought it's the neighbor's TV. The Islamic Republic loves to show lengthy footage of its fake demonstrations. "Damn it. Why don't they turn it down?" I told myself, but then I realized it's not just from one direction. It comes from all around me, and from the roofs. I listened trying to distinguish what they were saying. Then I realized what I'm hearing; "Allah-o-Akbar!" which means "God is great." Now this is a religious chant, but every Iranian knows of the last time this happened: during the 1979 revolution, the chanting now is a sign of resistance. And this time, the chanting is against the Islamic regime itself.

I'm not religious at all, and in fact I very much dislike religious chantings, but this time I was deeply touched. Many times during past few years, and especially yesterday after the result of that fraud of an election was announced, I've told myself that there is no hope of change for Iran, but maybe I am wrong. I still look at it with great skepticism, but I can't help thinking "Maybe there is still hope."


Mohammad said...

I remembered what Winston says in 1984:
"If there is hope, it lies in the proles"
But now the question is who is "proles" in here?

Winston said...

Stay safe my friend

Homayoon said...

Thanks Winston.

Mohammad, after reading 1984 my conclusion was that Winston was wrong, and the Party had the better idea. The middle class is the real danger and they had done everything to stop them from revolt. It seems the same thing is happening in Iran. The middle class is the real muscle in standing up to the regime.

Baron Tadhg said...

I wish all of you well. What we are able to view in the USA is not pretty. You've probably figured it out already, but I'll say it just in case: The average American is NOT your enemy. Do not give up hope--the world is watching.

Homayoon said...

Of course I've already figured that out. As a rule, anything the Islamic Republic media is trying to tell you is the reverse of the truth! So since they try so hard to create such a horrible image of the United States here, I'm sure the US is more like a paradise! But kidding aside, instead of watching their TV or reading their newspapers, I prefer reading books. and finding and comparing news from different sources to get a more realistic picture of the world.

I should also tell you, that it means a lot to many young Iranians to know that the world is watching and recognizing them.

Baron Tadhg said...

Our mainstream media (which I do not often trust), is showing that government is cracking down on the internet and various websites. Reliable information is hard to come by, because we are told that foreign journalists cannot go into the street to report. I've heard reports of shootings by government forces. Do not surrender, but please stay safe. Let your countrymen (and women!) know that the prayers of others are with you.