Friday, June 18, 2010

Hijab Ticket

Somebody posted this today on Facebook (

It's a ticket in the amount of 22500 tomans (around US$22) for failing to observe the Islamic modesty code. If you want to know what kind of looks can get you in trouble in Iran, here's what it reads.

The table at the left lists the possible charges:
  1. Eye-glasses over the head: 18000 tomans (US$18)
  2. Short manteu: 25000 tomans (US$25)
  3. Bright-colored manteu (especially green or red): 25000 tomans (US$25)
  4. Nail polish: 5000 tomans (US$5) per finger
  5. Tanned skin: 25000 tomans (US$25)
  6. Light-colored hair (depends on the color): from 50000 to 150000 tomans (US$50 to US$150)
The right sections contains information about the offender and the person/group who issued the ticket.

It's sick; that's all I can say.