Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tomorrow, and the Day After It

The man said you have lost if you have left the joy to tomorrow so that you will have more of it; you will leave it for more of it to the day after and to after that and again to after that, and you will only stop when you find you're time is over and you have not enjoyed your time even for a day, yet!

The man was still talking but I could not hear him. It looked like I have been taken to another world for a few moments. I felt I've been asleep for a long time. I am one of those who delays enjoying his time to get better things and better time. I am among those who if do not wake up in time, they will find it out some day too late.

The man left the taxi, but his words where still in my head until commonplace gradually took it's place. Yet, it left a landmark in my mind: "What should I do? Maybe tomorrow's too late!"

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Jeremiah said...

I won't put it off until tomorrow anymore! I just had the joy of posting my response to your initial comments at my blog. I'm sorry it took so long.