Friday, October 06, 2006

The Master's Sleepless Night!

This is one of those nights I cannot easily get to sleep. You usually know it from the beginning that your night is going to be one of those hard struggles in which you cannot even easily keep your eyes closed! So this time I didn't tried so much. After several minutes I got up and decided to do something. I was wondering about starting a blog tonight (one or two hours ago), and this seemed to be the right time. So I turned on the computer, connected to the Internet, went to blogger and started a blog, and it seems to me the right way to do things. I hate having to wait for something. When I want to do something, I usually do it, or I never do it. There is no mid point.

I think I have to explain a little about the title, so that it will look less selfish than it does! This was the first title that came to my mind (you may perceive then that I *am* already selfish!). In fact, I often call myself the thing I want to be and consider that the right thing. After all, I am, or I will be someday (hopefully!), the thing I think I am! So the title is correct; sorry!

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Jeremiah said...

Hello Mostafa! It was good to hear from you yesterday. I am glad that you decided to accept the invitation to my private blog. I am currently working on a response to the comments you posted there. However, please permit me a little time to properly formulate my thoughts on that subject.

Also, I'm happy that you decided to start your own blog. I am looking forward to reading about your thoughts on a variety of topics. I think you will be satisfied with Blogger. The new beta version offers a lot of improvements that make running a blog much easier. Google is a great company. I bet there will be a Google operating system within a few years.

Concerning this post, if you want to call yourself "The Master," then that is fine by me. Just try not to let your ambition turn into hubris. It is good to have (good) goals, but only God knows what tomorrow will bring.

Finally, I hope it will be easier for us to stay in contact now. Did you ever get that postcard I sent you? Please let me know. Bye!