Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Would You Replace the Washing Machine?

"If your car or washing machine is still running well, do you replace it? Would you replace your car if a new one required you to learn a new way to turn it off?"

I came up with this question today in an article discussing if upgrading to Windows Vista is really essential for most users or not, considering that they are doing their everyday tasks before that normally, and also that according to a study by Softchoice, 94 percent of PCs do not meet the system requirements for Vista Premium. You may know that I'm not using Windows anymore, but the question and the article made me think seriously, and I finally concluded that, "yes, I would!"

Now you're probably wondering why I would do that. It's simple. Consider the case of the washing machine. What if you don't upgrade the washing machine and keep receiving emails containing attached dishes that can only be washed with the washing machine that can be turned off some new way (probably the new way consists of a nine item menu and even an "Are you sure?" dialog after that)? And in the case of the car, probably most new parts have a "new-turn-off-way certified" or a "modern-turn-off tuned" seal on them? Wouldn't the average user just upgrade to the new washing machine (or car)? Seems reasonable, ...or probably the whole thing is seriously wrong.

Don't bother with Vista, and also put an end to Word attachments.


Ali Tabei said...

It is nice...but i wanna know who obliged ya to write in english?
pesar mage farsi ro azat gereftan?
MARD bashhh farsi benevis!!!!
vali blog e jalebie!

Homayoon said...

sharmandatam ali joon, ba tavajoh be esteghbale gostarde az matalebe in blog, lazem ast be zabani neveshte shavad ke aksare mardomane jahan an ra befahmando az matalebe besiar porbare ma lezzat bebarand. are joonam, in tirippie!! :)

Ali Tabei said...

oh..i totally forgot!
well ..i won't replace my car or washing machine or my mechanical pencil or my everything else(!) with a new one, if it is still functioning properly.
could ya please explain why ya aren't using windows anymore?
maybe i should look your previous posts?

Serendip said...

Nice blog you have here.

Homayoon said...

Thank you.

Homayoon said...

Ali jan, you can find a few posts on my switch from Windows. If they don't help I'm glad to answer any question you might have.