Sunday, January 21, 2007

No More Math Tonight

I have about 11 more hours to study for tomorrow morning's exam, and you know many students do use such time to read more, but I don't. Although I'm not yet quite sure if I know enough to pass the exam, I simply can't study more. Whatever I do, my brain does not like over-studying!

Tomorrow, I'm going to be a free man again!


ali t said...

how did u take the exam?

ali t said...

i forgot something else...
Hercules Poirot used to say:
the gray tiny cells of brain can function in every sitaution!
hey! do u still beleive that holmes was better than poirot? my opinion holmes is still the second best!

Homayoon said...

I don't like "religious wars", but I strongly believe that Holmes is far far superior to any detective and so Poirot is far far behind. Sorry!