Thursday, May 24, 2007

Learn, the Direct Way

Today, I took part in a seminar about teaching Esperanto using the direct method ("rekta metodo", in Esperanto), that is in Esperanto and not in one's mother tongue. This method is usually known as the Cseh method ("Cseh" is pronounced "che") after its creator, Andreo Cseh. It was surprising to me to see how well a language can be taught without any tools (even books) and in the learning language itself (in this case, Esperanto). After some thought, I realized it is the very method everyone learns his/her mother tongue with.

In such Esperanto events, it is generally forbidden to use a language other than Esperanto (although, we did forgo this rule many times!). In Esperanto culture, to speak in one's mother tongue in Esperanto events is called "to crocodile" (in Esperanto, "krokodili"). We even had a crocodile to punish the wrongdoers!

The crocodile watched over us not to use a "nacia lingvo"!

The second part of the seminar is being held tomorrow. I am looking forward to it.


Hirundo said...

Ho kara sceh instruisto,
cxu vi instruos Esperanton al mi?!!!


Homayoon said...

kara esperantisteto,
gxenerale, cseh metodo estas por instrui cxeestante, ne rete; krome, ekzistas bonegajn retajn kursojn en

(cxu vi ne uzis esperanton por skribi cxi tiun komenton, jam?! :))

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