Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

My birthday cake. The text reads "Kara L'Elektito, Bonan Naskiĝtagon" which in Esperanto means "Dear L'Elektito, Happy Birthday". L'Elektito or Elektito is my Esperanto nickname. It means "(The) Chosen One".

Yesterday was my birthday. My apartment was too small for a party so I invited my friends to a restaurant but before that, they surprised me with a small party at IREJO office. I had a great night. Thanks, everyone.


Jeremiah said...

Happy Birthday!

Homayoon said...

Thank you.

harald said...

Happy Birthday from me too!

ali t said...

agha vaghean sharmande, chand vaght bood web naboodam..,
really excuse me and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.