Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Paranoid

It may be a small thing, but these small things sometimes really hurt; especially, when there are a lot of them. What is it? Simple. take a look at the picture: Google "Code Search" is not available in your country. And so is Google Toolbar, and Sun Java Runtime, and Paypal (which ironically is also blocked by the government), and a lot more of these small things.

And why? Because of the paranoid one who is always thinking and speaking about "the enemy." or because of the other guy who feels responsible to "wipe" another nation "off the map," but does not feel that responsible to tackle the problems of his own nation (if he has any feelings towards his homeland; or probably he follows his leader on this, that when returned to Iran after years and was asked "How do you feel, Ayatollah Khomeini, now that you have returned to your homeland after all these years?" and he simply answered, "Nothing.")

Because of them? This one, then, really hurts.


Jeremiah said...

I'm sure it is annoying to be denied access to the things you mentioned (you don't need to convince me that government is evil), but isn't it a rather simple matter to make your computer appear to be in another country?

Homayoon said...

It is possible. I do have Google Toolbar, and although the proxy I used did not work a second time for Code Search I'm sure I can find another one that works. I have a few workarounds to bypass most filters, but using them usually slows down the connection and it's inconvenient anyhow. Besides, some things does not have (easy) workarounds. For example, Paypal does not accept Iranian customers. I can (and do) use proxies to send money using Paypal, but it's not possible to use it to receive money, unless I can find someone in another country to receive the money and resend it to me using bank transfer which is not easy to do (and usually is not worth the effort).

ali t said...

yeah,.. the situation is really bothering, i am among the ones who understand the problem fully!.